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What's Crappy DungeonsEdit


Crappy Dungeons is a rpg dungeon explorer game with over 20+ dungeons and 30+ monsters to find. Also animals to find and group up.

Monsters Edit


Mole Miners Edit

  • Mole Miner
  • Desert Mole Miner
  • Mole Driller
  • Mole Driller EX

Alicia Beasts Edit

  • Alicia Beast
  • Vengeful Alicia Beast
  • Death-stroke Alicia Beast

Snakes Edit

  • Snake
  • Garden Snake
  • Quicksliver Snake
  • Sand Snake
  • Demonize Snake

Chilly Edit

  • Chilly
  • Sub-Zero Chilly
  • Chillbone Chilly

Ice-breakers Edit

  • Ice Breaker
  • Sub-Zero Ice Breaker
  • Chillbone Ice Breaker

Golems Edit

  • Rock Golem
  • Temple Golem
  • Magma Golem

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